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Eidolon.Unity and associated tools have been built to give everyone a great experience, including you.

Built for You

Eidolon has been built by developers for developers to provide the best Developer Experience. Improved architecture and processes will reduce the time you spend fighting with your codebase.

Game Dev Toolkit

Eidolon is not just a single package, but a toolkit for game developers. Starting with the basics, Eidolon offers indie developers and studios alike a simple and easy to use suite of packages that work together seamlessly.


The flagship SDK, Eidolon.Unity, works with EVERY Ethereum based chains. By selecting Eidolon.Unity for your Web3 game, you will see near instant reduction of code, bundle size, and problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Eidolon is a suite of proprietary packages. Eidolon packages may not be shared publicly or in public version control platforms.

The creators of Eidolon chose this path in order to set in place a more sustainable business model that would benefit developers for longer and remove the risk of the code and/or project being abandoned.

The Eidolon Web3 package and associated extensions will be 100% free FOREVER. Other Eidolon packages and tools focused on game development, AI, and security may not be free.

All support for Eidolon exists in Discord and email today.
Dedicated support channels will be available for teams on the Eidolon PRO plan in the future.

We are currently focused on the Unity ecosystem due to the broad adoption and range of potential games that could directly benefit from Eidolon. We are always actively exploring other ecosystems, languages, tools, etc. Interesting in having your ecosystem integrated into Eidolon? Contact us at [email protected]


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